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Reiki, an alternative Japanese healing practice, aims to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It harnesses life force energy that is spiritually guided. In Japanese, 'Rei' signifies 'God's wisdom,' while 'Ki' represents 'life force energy.' One of the remarkable aspects of Reiki is its adaptability—it can be administered anywhere for any duration. During a session, the client remains fully clothed, either reclining or seated in a chair. Depending on the client's preference, the practitioner gently places their hands on the body or keeps them slightly above, utilizing a gentle touch or an energy hover.

Despite its spiritual nature, Reiki is not associated with any specific religion. No particular beliefs or verbal affirmations are necessary for the energy to flow during a session. Reiki is a safe and distinctive method for releasing pent-up emotions accumulated over time. Clients often describe feelings of lightness, tingling sensations, and an overall sense of peace following a Reiki session.

During a Reiki session with me, you'll lie comfortably on a massage table with a pillow beneath your head and knees, and a blanket available for added warmth. Soft, soothing music will play in the background, allowing your body to deeply relax. Guided imagery is an option for those who prefer it, even for those who keep their eyes open. For a heightened state of relaxation, a one-time use heated eye mask will be offered.


Throughout the session, I incorporate tuning forks to further enhance the relaxation experience. It's common for most clients to experience an emotional release during the session, which is entirely normal. To accommodate this, a tissue box is readily available. Additionally, water is provided after every session to support your re-hydration.

Hand & Foot Reflexology

 Hand and Foot Reflexology stands as a non-invasive integrative health practice with origins dating back as far as 2500 BC. This ancient technique offers numerous benefits, with the primary advantage being an enhancement in circulation. Additionally, Reflexology contributes to relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep, and the promotion of homeostasis, which ensures a balanced functioning of all bodily systems, allowing the body to operate optimally. Enhanced blood flow aids our body's innate ability to restore itself, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.
What is the difference between Massage and reflexology?

Reflexology employs distinct levels of applied manual pressure on specific zones of the feet, stimulating a distal effect on your organs and glands. In contrast, massage therapy focuses on applying pressure to specific musculoskeletal areas of the body. The massage is typically administered by a massage therapist, while reflexology is performed by a reflexologist.


During a massage, clients usually remove their clothes. However, for foot reflexology, only shoes and socks are removed, while hand reflexology requires only the hands to be visible.


Who shouldn't receive hand or foot reflexology? Anyone experiencing the following:
-contagious, infectious skin diseases
-Any unexplained rashes, or open areas with drainage.
-Diarrhea or vomitting
-Fractures in the hand or foot
-Blood clots
-Ingrown toe nails
-Phlebitis, cellulitis or gangrene
-1st trimester pregnancy or High risk pregnancy ( Other trimesters are encouraged to book)


During a hand or foot reflexology session with me, you'll recline on a comfortable table with a pillow beneath your head and knees for optimal comfort. A cozy blanket is also provided for your relaxation. Soft, tranquil music will play in the background, aiding your body in achieving deep relaxation.


For a foot reflexology session, your shoes and socks will be removed, and the session will commence with a warm foot cleanse to enhance your experience. During hand reflexology, nothing is removed unless your hands are covered. Additionally, guided imagery is available for those who prefer it, even if they keep their eyes open.


To keep you hydrated and refreshed, water is provided after every session."

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